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Since I don't have anything better to do *cough* (just too lazy to do something I should XDD) I'm adding a journal about ~arsidoas' and my awesome trip to London about a week ago (so long already QwQ)..
We went there to go to MCM Expo, however spend most of our time with sightseeing as we can't travel there that often (those five days probably cost more than all my other cons this year). Still  we couldn't do everything we originally intended to do 'cause we a) didn't have enough time and b) were absolutely exhausted (which is a problem when you want to go to the monument xD).

When we arrived on Friday, October 28 the first things we saw in Heathrow were a fan shop and those gorgeous police caps. Confused as we are we at first stood at the wrong baggage claim and complained about an annoying yellow suitcase that passed by at least ten times or so.
It was surprisingly easy to get around by underground and find our hostel (that was however rather Spartan-like if that's the right expression to use). At least it was pretty central and the only thing we complained about every time we got there was the staircase. Since it was already too late to visit the RAF museum we decided to just walk through the city and took at least 50 pictures of the Palace of Westminster. XD (We both are in love with that building and took at least another 200 pics of it on the other days. from every perspective, at daytime, nighttime....*lol*) Later that night we discovered the awesome "m&m's world"  (I dunno if that's really the name of that place but I think you know what I mean. it's simply unique and colourful and crazy X'DD) and that there are way too many souvenir shops in London. o.o Also we were shocked when we were in King's Cross and read platform 9 3/4 had moved. WHY????  
On Saturday we spent most of the day sightseeing, starting with the Tower, the Tower Bridge and the HMS Belfast. We took a lot of photos there and actually wondered why we didn't meet any other cosplayers in the city. I mean it's so awesome to take photos there and people are much friendlier towards cosplayers than they are in Germany. And I've never seen a picture of Italy, Germany and Japan in front of the "Axis Restaurant". We've always seen it when we took the bus from St.Paul's to Westminster and found it hilarious. At the Tower we also met "Paul" (that's a guard who stood next to the entrance to the crown jewels and we liked him so he got a name *lol*) It was also on Saturday when we discovered our love for those buses *^* We must have looked like absolutely crazy little tourists when we took our cam and filmed out of the front window giggling and "awwww"-ing the entire time. Another cool fact we discovered: McDonald's in London is so much better than here in Germany and we love those shocking pink soft raspberry soft drinks. We can't we buy them here D< At least we have bread with grains here (the one and only thing we missed) X'D We also went to Harrods that day and adored the Harry Potter merchandising there *^* and the beds. But we didn't even dare touching anything :O
Well, on Sunday then we finally went to MCM Expo. The journey there was already...confusing. First it's announced the DLR aren't running this weekend then we get to Canning Town and see that line isn't out of service at all. The con itself was awesome. At first we were worried about our accessories but weapons and stuff weren't checked at all. (so much better than here) But we were too shy to go and talk to the hetalians QwQ We approached them later that afternoon but we were still afraid to talk to anyone. Now I wish we'd been more outgoing. The next time we possibly can go to MCM Expo again will be 2013 (when we're lucky). My parents won't allow it next year since we're already going to London with school and I also can understand them. It's pretty expensive after all (and I still want to go to cons in Germany). In the evening we also went to Buckingham Palace and Green Park where we met some nice tourists who asked us about our cosplays. X'D    
On Monday the first thing we did (after paying St.Paul's Cathedral a visit) was taking a tube to Colindale, to the RAF museum. *___* I love it. I love planes and military stuff and was simply awesome. However I felt too awkward there to wear a cosplay. Hopefully there'll be a next time. %) Perhaps I'll be braver then. In the afternoon we actually wanted to visit Westminster Abbey but the queue to the entrance measured at least 300 metres or so. So we decided to straightly visit the Churchill War Rooms (I just say AWESOME *.* XD) also did some shopping and stuff. In the evening we took a boat across the Thames and sat at Trafalgar Square. Just enjoying the view and the feeling. Afterwards all we did was shopping and paying the m&m's world another short visit. X'D And we stalked a group of policemen at least an hour or so through a shopping mall >////< We wanted to know where we can buy those caps but when I finally dared to ask them their answer was pretty disappointing. D: I still want such a thing. But 60 euros on ebay are too much. D; Still, the stalking was fun. I wonder what they thought of us o.ö X'DDDDDDDDDDDDD I also wondered why we always have to behave so obviously like tourists. We sat at McDonald's and admired the different pictures on the coins. We shouldn't have sat where everyone could see us *lol* Whatever. Behaving like a tourist is also fun.
Tuesday was already our last day. *cries* It was also the only day it actually rained (probably a display of our mood). We filmed out of a bus window for the last time (a very nice guy actually switched seats with me so I had a better view :D) We said goodbye to Westminster Palace (we gave it the name "Wunderschön" (=gorgeous,wonderful) because it fits so much better *^*) and then fetched our luggage and went to Heathrow. I originally had planned to study for my biology exam in the tube or on the plane but I couldn't concentrate on it at all. :O
I left some things out (some are also embarrassing to list them here :O) but I really think I should do something else right now. Uploading pictures at animexx or replying to messages.

D'awwwwww..I miss London so much. Can't wait to travel there again. Even if it's just with school.
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